What Should Your First Steps Be After a Slip and Fall Injury?

slip and fallUnfortunately, most people will be the victim of a slip and fall injury at least once during their lifetime.  If  this slip and fall resulted in a substantial injury requiring medical care, what can you do about it?  Who is liable?  Are you entitled to financial compensation from the property owner?  This article will provide details of the steps you should take and more

  1. Get Professional Medical Treatment Immediately

According to most experts, even if you feel fine at the moment, your accident could still result in a painful injury.  Therefore, your first step should be to get checked out.  This can be done by either a hospital emergency room or your personal physician.  Whichever you choose, have the medical staff perform a thorough exam of your entire body.  Make sure everything that is discovered is documented, and you can access this information at a moment’s notice.

  1. Report The Accident

Even if it is at a good friend’s home or a store you visit frequently and are friendly with the staff, report this accident right away.  You would be amazed at how a facility’s attitude can change when they are faced with a possible lawsuit.  You want everything about the accident to be reported as soon as possible.  Have the facility give you a copy of your report for your records and save it for future access.

  1. Collect All Evidence

Be certain to keep every record, every witness’ statement, every photograph, every receipt connected with this accident in one spot where you will always remember its location.  If there is legal activity regarding the incident, keep all information associated with it in the same spot.  Hopefully this case will never wind up in a court; however, you must be prepared in case it does.

  1. Get Yourself an experienced attorney

Make sure you hire an attorney that is experienced in this area of law. Slip and fall laws are handled differently than other areas of law, so make sure you hire someone well versed in this area of law. Give copies of everything related to this incident to your attorney. Your attorney will guide you through the entire process and ensure you are informed of your rights and expectations.  Here at Nobles & Yanez, we have experienced lawyers who can handle your cases and get you the maximum settlement amount you are entitled to. Give us a call to discuss your case today!