Important New Sealing Records Law Starts October 1, 2017

Last year, this Blog explained the importance of getting your records sealed and the difference between getting your case dismissed and your records sealed. In that blog, we explained the time requirements a person must wait before a person can seal their records.

Thankfully, you can forget about the time requirements detailed in that blog!! A few months ago, the Nevada Legislature made some important changes regarding when a person can seal their criminal records (SB125/AB 327). Although you should consult with our office to see if you are eligible to seal your records, the following is a general guide on what cases can be sealed and the time required before you can ask a court to seal your records:

  • Category A Felony, Crime of Violence, Burglary of Residence = 10 Years
  • Category B, C, D Felony= 5 Years
  • Category E Felony= 2 Years
  • Gross Misdemeanor= 2 Years
  • Misdemeanor= 1 Year….EXCEPT:
    • Driving Under the Influence (DUI) & Battery Domestic Violence= 7 Years
    • False Claims re: State Medicaid= 7 Years
    • Battery (NRS 200.481)= 2 Years
    • Harassment (NRS 200.571)= 2 Years
    • Stalking (NRS 200.575)= 2 Years
    • Violation TPO/Extended PO= 2 Years

However, the following Crimes can NEVER be Sealed:

  • Crime against child;
  • Sexual offense;
  • Felony DUI;
  • DUI resulting in Death or Substantial Bodily Injury (SBI);
  • Felony DUI while driving a boat/water vessel;
  • DUI w/ boat/water vessel resulting in Death or SBI.

This new law goes into effect on October 1, 2017.

Please contact our office to schedule a free consultation to determine whether you are eligible to seal your records. Call us today!