Falsely Accused in a Murder Case? What Not to Do

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Being arrested and charged with murder is a scary and life changing experience. Naturally, you will feel overwhelmed by the experience, but you must try to remain calm and your wits about you. The important thing to remember is that you are innocent until proven guilty and you don’t have to prove anything to the police. An arrest is not the same as a conviction, but you should call and speak to an attorney as soon as possible to fully protect your rights. The sooner the better.

Here are some of the things you should not do if you are accused of murder:

  1. Never speak with police officers without your attorney 

You should exercise your Fifth Amendment right to remain silent. The officers may tell you that things will go easier for you if you cooperate with them. Do not fall for this ploy. You should instead wait to talk to your lawyer first, before you start answering questions.

  1. Never speak with anyone else about your case

Anyone you speak to about your case, could become a witness against you. Your statements are not hearsay and can and will be used against you. This is not like the cop shows you see on TV, this is real life and it is allowed.

  1. Do not choose any old lawyer 

A competent, experienced, and effective attorney who specializes in murder cases and trials is the one you want by your side. You should not rush this life changing decision. The lawyer you select should have experience in handling murder cases, not just run of the mill criminal cases. They will know how to handle the pressure of such a case. They will also know how to anticipate and defend against the strategies used by the prosecution.

  1. Avoid the media 

Say nothing to reporters and do not give any interviews. You should allow your attorney to handle all press statements and interviews with the media. Remember, the statements your lawyer makes cannot be used against you, but your statements can be. This is the only way to prevent slip-ups that may undermine your case. That’s why you need a law firm like Nobles & Yanez, who have handled many high profile cases and are experienced in dealing with the media.


A murder conviction can lead to life in prison, or worse, the death penalty. Don’t gamble with your life, instead turn to Nobles & Yanez for competent, experienced, and effective representation.