Contract Law and How an Attorney Can Help

lawyer hand holding penHere at  Nobles & Yanez , we are well versed in breach of contract laws in Nevada. Read this blog to find out specifically what that is. Additionally, we can discuss what can happen if you neglect these laws and how our Firm can help you out.

What Are the Key Elements of Contract Law?

You must have the following elements in a contract, including one in the state of Nevada:

  1. An offer of a service or a product
  2. Acceptance of that offer
  3. All considerations stated in writing
  4. Mutuality of obligation
  5. Statement of competency and capacity of the provider

Are There Any Special Elements of a Contract in Nevada?

The agreement must be in writing and the documentation must be in compliance with Nevada’s laws on rights and transactions with relation to specific services. This should include a section on fraud statutes and their enforceability.

There are written requirements in Nevada that describe all situations where there must be a written agreement. Also included are when an agreement is considered to be null and void. Nobles & Yanez are prepared to explain all these details to a client.

What Constitutes a Legal Contract in Nevada?

Although technically a verbal contract can be used, it is much wiser to have everything spelled out in writing. All details of the pending agreement must be included. Additionally, all involved parties have to be identified, as well as the rights each one is entitled to. At Nobles & Yanez, we can help you do this properly.

Canceling a Contract in Nevada

The generally accepted period that all parties have to cancel a contract in Nevada is five calendar days. The party who wishes to cancel is required to provide written notice of his or her intentions.

When drawing up the contract in the first place and accepting it, it is critical to ensure provisions for cancelation are spelled out in detail. Many people do not realize this and get themselves into trouble. This is a huge reason why you should have our skillful lawyers at Nobles & Yanez helping you at all phases.

Are There Any Reasons a Contract Would Be Considered Unenforceable?

Yes. If one of the involved parties have made false or misleading statements in the contract. Another crucial mistake is the omission of important information, either intentionally or unintentionally.

The false statements or omissions could have occurred at any time during the discussions or the creation of the contract. In order to avoid such hassles, it is highly recommended to have knowledgeable attorneys, like Nobles & Yanez, present at all times.

What Defines a Breach of Contract in Nevada?

When one of the parties fails to meet the terms of the contract, it is considered a breach. If the plaintiff is able to prove they had excessive losses and the types of these losses, he or she may be entitled to monetary compensation.

Important Note: If there is no valid and enforceable written contract in place, nobody is allowed to claim a breach has taken place. This information comes courtesy of Nobles & Yanez.

What Kinds of Damages Can Be Awarded to the Plaintiff?

These are according to the laws of Nevada. However, other states may have similar provisions.

  • Expectation damages
  • Restitution damages
  • General damages
  • Consequential damages
  • Reliance damages
  • Special damages
  • Reimbursement for all legal fees

How to Avoid Legal Difficulties with a Contract in Nevada

The best way is to involve your attorney in all phases of drafting and enforcing a contract. This includes all drafts, all amendments, all reviews, and the signing of the contract by each party. Our skilled attorneys at Nobles & Yanez have the experience you need for this undertaking.

Why Nobles & Yanez?

No matter where in Nevada you are located, we can help you on a remote basis. When the time comes for action, our attorneys will be at your side and fighting for your rights.

We will also explain everything to you in an understandable fashion. Our firm wants to make sure the contract is created properly and that all provisions are addressed and that we do our very best to protect your interests.