Can I Own a Gun After Sealing My Record?

handgun lying over a copy of the United States constitution and the American flagMany people believe that if they seal their record, they are then legally allowed to own a gun. However, this is simply not true. Sealing your record does not give you your gun rights back. Sealing your record does restore the following civil rights:

(1) The right to vote;

(2) The right to hold office; and

(3) The right to serve on a jury.

Additionally, the benefit to sealing your record is that you can legally answer any questions surrounding the arrest and court case, as if it never happened, “including, without limitation, an inquiry relating to an application for employment, concerning the arrest, conviction, dismissal or acquittal.”

However, the only way to get your gun rights back in Nevada after a criminal conviction is to receive “a full, unconditional pardon” by the Nevada Board of Pardons Commission. The Commission consists of the Nevada Governor, the seven Supreme Court Justices, and the Attorney General. You can get more information about the Board and the pardons process here:

When such critical and important constitutional rights are at stake, you should retain an experienced attorney to guide and see you through the process. Please contact us at the Nobles & Yanez Law Firm if you would like to seal your record or seek a pardon and restore your Second Amendment gun rights.