Can I Hire an Attorney to get Out of a Wrongful Charge?

wrong charge or wrong suspectA wrongful charge in Nevada can severely impact the life and reputation of a person. It could be born out of a malicious imputation, or an investigation gone wrong. Whatever the cause behind it, it is crucial for the accused to clear their name against the accusations unfairly hurled against them.

This is why it’s important to reach out to an experienced criminal defense attorney at the soonest possible instance. In doing so, you can seek help to possibly receive compensation against those parties that filed the wrongful charge against you.

What makes a wrongful charge all the more damaging is not just the fact that a wrong allegation was made against a person, but that it was made publicly. The damage to the reputation of an accused individual may be irreparably damaged, possibly leaving them with no source of income or a broken family, such that they would need to pack up and move their entire life completely.

Especially nowadays, when it’s so easy to go viral because of the littlest mistake, an individual may soon find their world turned upside down. Having public opinion in the mix makes it all the more complicated, because now it is public perception that must be addressed. A wrongful charge is not something that must be resolved in the public sphere, however. For it to be truly legitimate and official, it is better to have a final court ruling backing it up. That also puts it on the record, which could definitely help the wrongfully charged recover some of their dignity and their life back.

This can be hard to achieve, though, and so even the stiffest offer of compensation may not necessarily be sufficient to undo all the damage. At the very least, however, some of the burdens on the accused may be eased, especially given that it’s possible they may have lost their jobs.

How a Wrongful Charge Attorney Can Help

Nobles & Yanez can help clear the name of the accused by proving the missteps of the prosecution, and by obliging them to provide possible compensation to the accused.

Integral to this process is finding pieces of evidence that would show it could have been possible for the prosecution to make the wrongful charge. Nobles & Yanez has the experience and expertise to know the possible angles and strategies when facing such a case.

Presenting the case of wrongful charge hinges on showing that the prosecution wrongfully accused the claimant despite not having solid proof of guilt, or that it allowed a frivolous suit to prosper anyway despite it being solely to harass the person.

A lawsuit filed against an individual, whether serious or otherwise, has such grave and far-reaching implications that the only possible way to clear their name is by taking it back to where it all started from: the court.

With Nobles & Yanez on their side, the claimant can effectively show how their case was mishandled, how it impacted their life negatively, and how they are entitled to receive compensation for all the trouble they’ve gone through. Most important of all, however, is that the party they are claiming compensation from are the ones truly responsible and so must be held accountable.

Without being able to correctly identify the liable party, the claim for wrongful charge compensation might fall through, not because there is no merit to the case but because the complaint is being lodged against the wrong party.

Our attorneys at Nobles & Yanez have an abundance of experience dealing with cases such as this. If you feel you have been unfairly charged with a lawsuit or criminal charges, then talk to us at Nobles & Yanez as soon as possible to find a remedy for your situation.