Most Common Slip And Fall Injuries

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Nobles & Yanez has represented many people who have been a victim of slip and fall accidents. You need the help of an attorney if you have been involved in a slip and fall accident. The insurance company probably won’t give you the amount that you truly deserve. You may not have enough money to cover your medical bills and lost time at work.

The most common injuries that a slip and fall victim receives are the following:

(1) Sprains And Fractures 

Many people twist their knee or ankle when they fall. It is also possible for you to suffer a fracture if you fall hard. People typically break their forearm, hand, wrist and leg when they fall. Anyone can suffer a fracture when they fall. However, seniors are much more likely to suffer a fracture because they already have weaker bones due to their age.

(2) Hip Fractures 

Ninety-five percent of hip fractures are caused by a fall. A hip fracture is serious and may require that one have surgery and be hospitalized. It is estimated that 20 percent of people who fracture their hip pass away within one year.

(3) Spinal Cord Injuries 

Spinal cord injuries can range from mild to severe. A herniated disc is an example of a mild injury. These injuries can make it harder for you to move. They can also cause you to suffer a lot of pain. It is also possible for you to suffer paralysis if you have a severe spinal cord injury. Paralysis can be temporary or permanent.


If you have injuries due to a slip and fall accident, then you will need a personal injury attorney who has expertise in slip and fall cases. At Nobles & Yanez, we will discuss your needs and concerns during the initial consultation. We will also review your case in detail and make sure that your rights are protected and you get the maximum money you are entitled to.