If Arrested, Please STFU!

Most people know that they have the very important right to remain silent when questioned by the police. However, just as important is the right to not talk to ANYONE about your case, especially if you are in custody in jail. The government will listen to all your conversations, including telephone calls and reading your mail. Anything you say will be twisted, turned, and used against you in your criminal trial. Even other jailed inmates will be called as a witness at your trial to tell the jury all the things you have said about your case. There is always another inmate willing to better deal his case with the prosecutor and throw you under the bus.

Recently, it has come to light that prosecutors in Orange County, California have been planting informants inside the county jails in order to get “confessions” from inmates who are awaiting trial. Of course, this is a clear violation of a defendant’s Sixth Amendment right to counsel. However, if the inmate was not planted in the jail by the prosecutor, it might be perfectly legal to have the inmate testify against you at your trial if you voluntarily share information about your case with the inmate. Of course, this also includes the stupid mistake of talking to the press about your case.

If you are ever arrested and booked into jail, please do yourself, your case, and your defense lawyer a favor by not talking about your case to ANYONE. In other words, please STFU! It’s one of the best pieces of advice a lawyer can give you.

You can read the article about the California prosecutors here: http://www.abajournal.com/magazine/article/secret_snitches_california_case_uncovers_long_standing_practice_of_planting/?utm_source=maestro&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=weekly_email