How to Keep Your Las Vegas Property Safe from a Slip and Fall injury

slip and fall accident Slip and fall accidents can happen anywhere, at any time, and to anyone. They can happen in a place of business, department or grocery store, or even a private residence. Someone who has a slip and fall accident has the right to retain a lawyer for help with recovering lost work wages and healthcare costs. In order to prevent someone from needing an injury attorney, you need to be proactive and eliminate potential hazards from your property. 

Operating a business that’s open to the public requires a maintenance plan to address conditions that can result in a slip and fall accident and injury. The law recognizes that a property owner can’t always react immediately to a hazardous floor issue. Employees and other responsible parties need to have some time to discover the issue, clearly mark it with warning cones/signs, then clean up the mess. Someone who slips and falls immediately after a hazardous situation was created may have a more difficult time bringing a lawsuit with the help of an experienced attorney as there was no opportunity to warn those in control of the property.

A lawsuit is more likely to be successful when a hazardous condition exists, but there is no attempt to resolve the issue. A parking lot with a pothole that hasn’t been patched for weeks or months is a known hazard and can result in a lawsuit if someone trips and falls due to the pothole. While this isn’t strictly a slip and fall scenario, it is still a trip and fall and could have been avoided had the pothole been timely fixed when it was discovered. 

When looking for help with a slip and fall accident, whether as a property owner or as an injured party, contact us at Nobles & Yanez today for help. We have decades of experience and can help you with your personal injury case.