How a Lawyer can Help in Your Car Accident Case

car accident lawyerAfter being injured in an accident in or around Clark County, you’ll want to speak with our attorneys here at Nobles & Yanez as soon as you can. Regardless of the fact that the crash wasn’t your fault, you must always be aware of the fact that the opposing insurance company will use any number of tactics to try and devalue your case in order to help maintain its bottom line. If the party who caused your accident and injuries was uninsured, you can expect to see your own insurance company use those same tactics against you. At Nobles & Yanez, we’re fully aware of those tactics, and we’re not going to permit the opposing insurance company use them on you.

We’re Well-Known in Clark County

If your accident occurred in Henderson, don’t fool yourself into thinking that you need a Henderson auto accident lawyer. You don’t. If it occurred in North Last Vegas, don’t think that you need an auto accident attorney in North Last Vegas either. Both cities are located in Clark County, and if we can’t settle your case with the opposing insurance company, we’re going to file a lawsuit on your behalf here in Clark County. That’s where our offices are located and where the Clark County courthouse is also located. We’re well known auto accident lawyers in Las Vegas, and our reputation is highly respected by court personnel, insurance defense lawyers and judges. Here are some of the things that we can do for you with our representations that could translate into substantially higher compensation for your injuries and damages.

  • Make a Complete Investigation: Whether you were in a car, on a motorcycle, a bicycle or just a pedestrian, we can make a claim against the person who collided and any other entity. This can include a governmental unit, a repair shop or other individual who may share fault for your accident. A thorough investigation of your accident might uncover additional accountability.
  • Communication With the Opposing Insurance Company: One of the first things that an opposing insurance adjuster will tell you after being injured in an accident is that “you don’t need a lawyer for this.” By following that advice, you’re giving that insurance company control over your claim. You are the innocent and injured party, so why do you want to give the other side control over your medical care and treatment and the compensation that you receive for your injuries and damages? By immediately retaining our experienced lawyers at Nobles & Yanez, you’re protecting your rights and giving your legal representatives control over your case rather than the opposing insurance company.
  • Review Medical Records, Reports and Bills: These documents are pivotal in any personal injury case. They detail the nature and extent of the injuries that the you suffered. After you’ve been discharged from your doctor’s care and treatment, these documents will be incorporated into a written settlement demand that will be submitted to the opposing insurance adjustor. That demand is critical in determining the amount of any settlement that a victim receives.
  • Filing a Personal Injury Lawsuit: In cases involving severe personal injury or death, filing an personal injury lawsuit best protects the rights of an injured person or a decedent’s survivors. Only a quality personal injury lawyer should prepare and file such a lawsuit. You’ll be expected to know the rules of court and trial, which can be very overwhelming. You’ll want a quality and experienced attorney to guide your case through the judicial system and we offer that here at Nobles & Yanez.

The Insurance Research Council found that on the average, insurance payouts for personal injury claimants who were represented by an attorney were 3.5 times higher than those who were unrepresented. Contact us here at Nobles & Yanez right away after being injured in any accident that was caused by the carelessness and negligence of somebody else. It doesn’t cost you anything up-front for you to retain us to represent you.