DUIs While Riding a Motorcycle in Las Vegas, NV

motorcycle accidentIt’s easy to believe that you’ll not get in trouble for motorcycling while drunk. The truth is motorcycle riders are held to the same standards as those driving cars when it comes to intoxication behind the wheel. This is because the statistics are saddening for this category of riders too. Based on the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration (NHTSA) statistics, fatal motorcycle accidents have a higher percentage of drunk riders compared to any other form of transportation.

In Nevada, the law prohibits motorcycle riders from riding while intoxicated. You will be charged if you have a blood-alcohol content of least .08%, even if you don’t look drunk or are driving safely. Similarly, you may also be charged if it’s proven that you’re riding your motorcycle with illegal amounts of other drugs in your blood, even if you don’t show any signs of being high or driving recklessly.

If you’re suspected of a DUI law violation, you may have to take a preliminary breath test as well as field sobriety tests. If you’re found in violation and get arrested, you’ll still be subjected to a further chemical test; a breath test, or blood test, depending on your case. Failure to submit to these tests may result in the revocation of your license.